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In this day and age, it is important that you deal with reputable and reliable contractors and tradesmen. At Mack Kirk Roofing & Sheet Metal, customer satisfaction, quality control, and high standards of workmanship are our number one priority.
To ensure you get the greatest lifespan for your investment, we are up to date with the latest and best roofing practices, applications, techniques and products. We have a highly qualified and experienced ticketed journeymen roofing crew, journeymen carpenters, sheet metal fabricators and installers, as well as personable and available staff to answer all your questions.
We have our own state of the art sheet metal shop and can customize to any specs. Fully outfitted with the best equipment to get the job done right and efficiently!
We carry a 10 Million insurance policy and are fully licensed and bonded. We are proud members of the Roofing Contractors Assosiation of British Columbia (RCABC), as well as the Canadian Roofing Contractors' Assosiation. Mack Kirk is an A+ accreditted business by the Better Business Bureau. Our company also holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the BC Construction Safety Alliance. In addition, we are also accredited with Contractor Check and Complyworks.
With over 100 years of satisfied customers, go with the name you can trust!
Our Team
Mack Kirk is a locally owned and operated company with strong family values. Our dedicated team of over 70 people works hard every day to provide our clients with the high quality service we’re known for.
Our company prospers in a safe and positive working environment of mutual respect. This, combined with our in-depth training practices and record of quality, makes up our team of employees who are proud to serve Greater Vancouver under the Mack Kirk banner. We have invested time and energy into building the right management and operations personnel to ensure the happiness and future success of our clients and staff.

                                                                     Our Proccess

When you call Mack Kirk, a team member is there to answer your questions and analyze your needs. We then send an estimator to evaluate the site and provide you with a free detailed estimate. Our estimators will also provide you with options and alternate solutions. We believe that by giving our clients options, we help them make the best decisions.
When the time of re-roofing arrives, our trained personnel is there to install the roof in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC) as well as complying with all of the WCB safety regulations. We are experienced in working alongside Roofing Inspectors and Consultants; in fact we highly recommend using one during a re-roof process.
Once your roofing project is complete, it is covered by a comprehensive warranty and a material manufacturer’s warranty.
All of this means that once you chose Mack Kirk Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd and we start on your project you can feel confident and secure with your decision!

                                                                       Our Equipment

At Mack Kirk Roofing, we take great pride in our vehicles, tools, and equipment. We have a full time Mechanic on staff to take care of our needs. We maintain every truck, tool and machine so that we are always operating at peak condition. From the metal shop to our hand tools, to the entire fleet of vehicles and heavy trucks, we know that without this component value, efficiency and safety is lacking.
We don't allow that to happen. We make sure our trucks and equipment run safely, So, when you see our customized fleet of trucks bearing the Mack Kirk Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd colours and logo, you can rest assured that we are doing our part when its comes to safety.
"I think my roof is leaking. How can I tell and what should I do?"
Some signs that may indicate that your roof is leaking include attic moisture, new stains appearing on ceilings, water collecting in pools such as on the floor and in light fixtures, or noticeable damage to the roof such as missing shingles. If you do have a leak, contact us immediately at 604-258-7121. We will dispatch a team member to arrive at your location and assess the damage. Our experts will be able to give you temporary and long term options for fixing the leak.
"Are you insured with qualified installers?"
At Mack Kirk we use only qualified team members to install roofs in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia and we have up to date liability insurance coverage up to $10 million.

"What do you charge for estimates and visits?"
All of our estimates are free of charge and include a detailed project proposal for you to consider. For maintenance and emergency leak calls we charge a service fee of $380.00 (+ GST) which includes an immediate temporary fix as well as a report for permenant reccomendations, during regular hours. Please inquire for after hour rates.

"What types of roofing systems do you offer?"
Our roofing systems can be installed on existing buildings, as well as new construction.
Flat Roofs: Torched on membrane roofs, single ply membranes, EPDM.
Sloped Roofs: Asphalt shingle, cedar shingle as well as tile and sheet metal roofs.
Green Roofs

Does the company have an OH&S Manual and is the company in compliance with Worksafe BC?

Mack Kirk complies with all Worksafe BC regulations and has their own customized Occupational Health & Safety Manual, updated annually.

Does the company carry adequate and up to date liability insurance?
Mack Kirk has $10 million in liability insurance and has a bonding facility in place.

Does the company offer any warranties?
Mack Kirk offers a comprehensive labour warranty and issues a material manufacturer’s warranty as well. Mack Kirk also offers a new "Roof Care Warranty" program. Please inquire about this program and how it will benefit you.
To see a detailed description of the services we provide, click here.
No matter your roofing needs,
we have you covered.
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