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Mack Kirk Roofing can offer you roofing systems that brings nature back to urban areas and makes use of underutilized space on buildings. This method is called Green Roofing and although it is a little bit more expensive, the return on investment and benefits are remarkable.
A Green Roof system is a specialty service not offered by all companies. Roofing technicians working on these types of jobs must be trained to provide quality products that coincide with each client’s personal vision while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and materials.
Green Roofing is about more than gardens and trees; it is about reinventing the concept of a roof and increasing the quality of life for all. Aside from being attractive and good for the environment, green roofs also increase a building’s value, take advantage of the recent trend in “green” commerce and can also be highlighted as a special feature for commercial buildings.
A typical Green Roof is covered with a growing medium. Vegetation is then planted over a waterproof membrane. The system also may include roof barriers and drainage and irrigation systems as well.
The numerous benefits of Green Roofs include:
Extra outdoor living space
Increased return on investment
A place to grow flowers and produce
A reduction in heating costs due to added mass and thermal resistance
A natural cooling effect due to evaporation
Increased roof life span
Storm weather run-off reduction
A natural source of oxygen
A source of beauty
"I think my roof is leaking. How can I tell and what should I do?"
Some signs that may indicate that your roof is leaking include attic moisture, new stains appearing on ceilings, water collecting in pools such as on the floor and in light fixtures, or noticeable damage to the roof such as missing shingles. If you do have a leak, contact us immediately at 604-258-7121. We will dispatch a team member to arrive at your location and assess the damage. Our experts will be able to give you temporary and long term options for fixing the leak.
"Are you insured with qualified installers?"
At Mack Kirk we use only qualified team members to install roofs in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia and we have up to date liability insurance coverage up to $10 million.

"What do you charge for estimates and visits?"
All of our estimates are free of charge and include a detailed project proposal for you to consider. For emergency leak calls we charge a service fee of $380.00 (+ GST) which includes an immediate temporary fix as well as a report for permenant reccomendations. Please note that Mack Kirk is not responsible for any interior damage.

"What types of roofing systems do you offer?"
Our roofing systems can be installed on existing buildings, as well as new construction.
Flat Roofs: Torched on membrane roofs, single ply membranes, EPDM.
Sloped Roofs: Asphalt shingle, cedar shingle as well as tile and sheet metal roofs.
Green Roofs

Does the company have an OH&S Manual and is the company in compliance with Worksafe BC?

Mack Kirk complies with all Worksafe BC regulations and has their own customized Occupational Health & Safety Manual.

Does the company carry adequate and up to date liability insurance?
Mack Kirk has $10 million in liability insurance and has a bonding facility in place.

Does the company offer any warranties?
Mack Kirk offers a comprehensive labour warranty and issues a material manufacturer’s warranty as well. Mack Kirk also offers a new "Roof Care Warranty" program. Please inquire about this program and how it will benefit you.

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