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We proudly offer every client personalized service at custom market-fair rates. No matter if it's strata, commercial, industrial, maintenance & emergency or sheet metal, we offer a wide variety of services.

The combination of our fleet, competent team and top end equipment has kept our clients satisfied and safe for over 100 years.
In the wrong hands, a large-scale roofing project has the potential to become a nightmare. Choosing the right roofing company is a sure way to avoid potential disasters and put you at ease. Mack Kirk Roofing specializes in “tough” jobs and is experienced in the challenges associated with large industrial; commercial and strata projects. Our team of skilled roofers is proficient in not only re-roofing buildings but also in providing emergency leak services, roof maintenance and custom sheet metal work.
The Mack Kirk Roofing team is able to work with any type of roofs as well as sloped roofs with asphalt shingles, cedar shakes or metal sheeting. We also roll our own metal roofing from our metal shop which allows us to customize your project. In addition to our professional crews we also have personable and available staff to address any questions or concerns.
Our management team has extensive experience with not only roofing services but within the construction industry as well. We proudly offer every client the personalized service and attention they deserve. Leave your roofing needs in our capable hands. You'll be glad you did!
Strata Services
Mack Kirk offers customized services to strata and multi-family buildings. We work closely with property managers as well as strata corporations to provide roofing systems that are beneficial for all.
No strata situation is too complex. Mack Kirk has what it takes to tackle any job from townhouse developments and apartment blocks to office buildings.
When planning a project, we make every effort to consider the needs of the occupants and find ways to minimize any inconveniences. We have the ability and expertise to handle your project with the understanding and consideration we know you deserve.
Commercial Services

We know that getting a commercial roofing project finished on time and on budget is important and, at times, can be difficult. Mack Kirk Roofing is familiar with the unique challenges brought about by these projects.
We provide personalized roofing systems designed for strength and durability for both new commercial construction and commercial roof replacement. Our team is trained in both the construction and roofing industries.
Industrial Services
Each day that an industrial building goes without repairs or a new roof is another day of lost potential revenue. A custom-built metal roof designed specifically for your building protects your valuable tools, machinery, materials, products and employees from damage or injury. Mack Kirk specializes in repairing and replacing new and existing industrial roofs.
    Sheet Metal
 Mack Kirk Roofing is not just a roofing company; we are also a sheet metal company. We have a fully equipped state of the art Sheet Metal shop where out trained Architectural  Sheet  Metal Fabricators and Installers can break and cut  custom  flashings and any other larger sheet metal work  projects. We  make our own sheet metal to order, so each  roof is truly custom made.
Maintenance & Emergency
Mack Kirk offers standard maintenance and emergency leak services to all new and existing clients. We give detailed estimates for services and also provide options for repairing leaks and solving other problems.
Roof systems must be properly maintained in order to maximize their lifespan as well as protect the contents of the buildings. Repeated exposure to heat, cold and moisture causes roofs to expand and contract which then causes shifting. This shifting creates weaknesses in the roof that can lead to serious damage to your roof.
These weaknesses must be caught and dealt with early. Regular maintenance can catch minor problems caused by the elements throughout the year and repair them before they turn into more serious problems and cost you more money. The cost of fixing a minor leak versus that of replacing the entire roof is worth considering..
Due to the wet and rainy weather we often get in the Greater Vancouver area, if you should happen to spring a leak or other problems arise that need immediate attention, there’s no need to panic. One call to Mack Kirk Roofing and one of our proficient technicians will be dispatched to inspect the issue and promptly begin repairs. 
Contact us to book maintenance or leak inspection.
     Green Roofs
   Mack Kirk Roofing can offer you roofing systems that brings nature back to urban areas and makes use of underutilized      space on buildings. This method is called Green Roofing and although it is a little bit more expensive, the return on                investment and benefits are remarkable.
   A Green Roof system is a specialty service not offered by all companies. Roofing technicians working on these types of        jobs must be trained to provide quality products that coincide with each client’s personal vision while maintaining the            highest standards of workmanship and materials.
   Green Roofing is about more than gardens and trees; it is about reinventing the concept of a roof and increasing the            quality of life for all. Aside from being attractive and good for the environment, green roofs also increase a building’s            value, take advantage of the recent trend in “green” commerce and can also be highlighted as a special feature for              commercial buildings.
   A typical Green Roof is covered with a growing medium. Vegetation is then planted over a waterproof membrane. The          system also may include roof barriers and drainage and irrigation systems as well.
                                                                  The numerous benefits of Green Roofs include:
Extra outdoor living space
- Increased return on investment
- A place to grow flowers and produce
- A reduction in heating costs due to added mass and thermal resistance
- A natural cooling effect due to evaporation
- Increased roof life span
- Storm weather run-off reduction
- A natural source of oxygen
- A source of beauty
No matter your roofing needs,
we have you covered.
Please give us a call at our office and we'll gladly help you out. 
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